• coffee roasting in a drum
    We Roast to Order!

    You choose your preferred roast, we roast it for you, and we ship it within 24 hours of roasting. That’s how we can guarantee you’ll get the freshest coffee!

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  • view of coffee farm in the mountains of Colombia
    High Quality Coffee to your Doorstep

    We purchase high-quality coffee from sustainable farms. A fantastic cup of coffee starts with the beans!

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Whole Body Coffee LLC


Whole Body Coffee, LLC. is a veteran-owned and operated family coffee roaster based out of Yulee, FL. We started out with a passion for fantastic coffee and a desire to drink the freshest coffee possible. Our goal is to provide others with the same quality coffee that we longed for. For us, coffee is an […]

Customize Your Favorite Coffee

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Choose Your Grind

When placing your order, we ask you to specify if you would like your coffee Whole Bean (unground) so that you can grind it fresh or if you would like us to grind it for you so it’s ready for you to enjoy.

Choose Your Roast

At Whole Body Coffee, we roast all of our coffee to order so that we can tailor our coffee to your preferences. Although every coffee origin has different flavor profiles, there are some characteristics you can expect at each roast level.

Add Some Body

We offer a unique way to even further customize your favorite coffee. Most of our products offer an option to “Add Some Body” which tells us to blend some of our expertly roasted Robusta coffee into your favorite coffee. This results in a heavier body, bolder flavor, and higher caffeine content.