Tan and Turbo


Origin: Signature Blend

Roast: Blend

Body: Moderate

Flavor: Graham, apricot, tobacco

Acidity: Moderate



Can’t decide between the layered complex flavors of a good Medium roast or the bold heavy body of a Dark roast? Choose both! If you have viewed our Black & Tan Signature Blend, this probably sounds very familiar. Tan & Turbo is our supercharged twist on our Black & Tan blend. We mix a medium roasted bean with layered and complex flavors with our dark roasted Robusta coffee. The result is a highly caffeinated, full bodied coffee which is rounded out with a lighter, less bitter finish. Start your morning off with this coffee and hit the ground running, or blast through your afternoon slump!

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Whole Bean, French Press, Drip/Pour-over, Espresso


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