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Robusta coffee beans roasted to order.

Origin: Tanzania

Profile: Dark Chocolate, Cherry, cacao

Body: Heavy

Acidity: Low

RecommendedRecommended - Medium-DarkMedium-Dark - DarkDark
Whole BeanWhole Bean - French PressFrench Press - Drip/Pour-overDrip/Pour-over - EspressoEspresso
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Calling all caffeine junkies, this coffee packs a serious punch! We understand that not all coffee drinkers are alike. If you are the kind of coffee drinker that needs to be smacked in the face by a heavy bodied, bold cup of coffee in the morning with nearly double the caffeine, we have you covered.

These Robusta coffee beans pack nearly twice the amount of caffeine contained in all of our other products. Robusta coffee comes from an entirely different species of coffee plant. These highly energized beans come from a much more hardy plant grown at lower altitudes.

You can expect a very heavy body with notes of dark chocolate, cacao, and cherry among dense earthy tones. If you are ordering this product, you should know what your getting into. For the most adventurous folks, try this product blended with any of our other coffees.

We recommend a Dark Roast.



Additional information

Weight 16 oz

Recommended, Medium-Dark, Dark


Whole Bean, French Press, Drip/Pour-over, Espresso

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