House Decaf Single-Origin Columbian

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Origin: Columbia

Body: Medium

Flavor: Caramel, Dried Cherry, Hazelnut, Nougat, Red Apple

Acidity: Medium



Keep the kettle hot, we’re having coffee tonight! You can now enjoy your new favorite coffee at any hour of the day with our Freshly-Roasted Decaf Columbian Coffee. This is a single-origin coffee product which as been decaffeinated using the Sugarcane Decaf method. The result of this process is a coffee bean with all the same great flavors and very little caffeine (no decaffeinating process is 100% efficient). You haven’t had a Decaffeinated Coffee like this before. Buy a bag for yourself and one for your Grand-ma because the entire family enjoy a cup of Freshly-Roasted Decaf Coffee.


*Please allow 1-3 business days for processing freshly roasted coffee orders.*

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Recommended, Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, Dark


Whole Bean, French Press, Drip/Pour-over, Espresso

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