The Whole Body Coffee Experience



Subscription Duration: 11 cycles

Cycle Length: Chosen by you!

Products Received: 1 bag of coffee every Cycle

Total Products Received: 11 bags of coffee

Products Included: 1 bag of ea: Columbian, Ethiopian, Sumatra, Burundi, Fall Spice Blend, Sunrise Blend, Gingerbread, Black & Tan, Peppermint, House Espresso Blend, Bold Espresso Blend

UpfrontUpfront - Per CyclePer Cycle
5 weeks5 weeks - 4 weeks4 weeks - 2 weeks2 weeks - 3 weeks3 weeks - 1 week1 week
Whole BeanWhole Bean - French PressFrench Press - Drip/Pour-overDrip/Pour-over - EspressoEspresso
RecommendedRecommended - LightLight - MediumMedium - Medium-DarkMedium-Dark - DarkDark - FrenchFrench
YesYes - NoNo
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It’s easier than ever to experience everything that Whole Body Coffee has to offer. Simply put, this product will allow you to experience every freshly roasted coffee product we offer without the hassle of logging into the website every time you want to make an order.

Welcome to the Whole Body Coffee Experience. With this Guided Subscription product, you provide us with your required grind and preferred roast level and we’ll provide you with one of EVERY coffee product we offer according to your preferences and our recommendations.

*The coffee will be provided in the order shown in the description.*

**Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. Any canceled subscription which was paid upfront will receive a prorated refund.**


Additional information


Per Cycle, Upfront

Cycle Duration

1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks


Whole Bean, French Press, Drip/Pour-over, Espresso

Roast Preference

Recommended, Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, Dark, French

About the author

Cody Rowley is the Founder and Co-Owner of Whole Body Coffee and Whole Body Fitness.

His passion for coffee started with the small things like moving the morning brew out of a drip machine and into a french press, then into the more involved things like roasting coffee in a popcorn maker. It wasn't long after his first roast that he was addicted, spending hours searching for the perfect roast, 200g at a time. Now he is constantly adding to his knowledge of the coffee process from farm to cup and sharing all of the best parts of coffee with anybody who will listen.