Swag Bag Gift Set

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Swag bag gift set

EthiopianEthiopian - Micro-LotMicro-Lot - Sunrise BlendSunrise Blend - Tan & TurboTan & Turbo - ColumbianColumbian - SumatraSumatra - Tanzania (Robusta)Tanzania (Robusta) - Bold Espresso BlendBold Espresso Blend - House Espresso BlendHouse Espresso Blend - Black & TanBlack & Tan - GingerbreadGingerbread - Fall SpiceFall Spice - PeppermintPeppermint - BurundiBurundi - BrazilianBrazilian - Holiday BlendHoliday Blend
Drip/Pour-overDrip/Pour-over - EspressoEspresso - French PressFrench Press - Whole BeanWhole Bean
DarkDark - LightLight - MediumMedium - Medium-DarkMedium-Dark - RecommendedRecommended
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This gift set includes a mug, reusable tote, can koozie and a 16-oz bag of coffee. An affordable way to share your love for your favorite coffee!


Price depends on the coffee selected.

Peppermint, Fall Spice, Gingerbread and Holiday Blend are only available ground so make sure to specify!

We also do not customize roast level in blends.

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Ethiopian, Micro-Lot, Sunrise Blend, Tan & Turbo, Brazilian, Holiday Blend, Burundi, Columbian, Sumatra, Tanzania (Robusta), Bold Espresso Blend, House Espresso Blend, Black & Tan, Gingerbread, Fall Spice, Peppermint


Whole Bean, French Press, Drip/Pour-over, Espresso


Recommended, Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, Dark

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